Grants Management

The Research Administrative Services (RAS) supports the pre‐award research community with:

  • Identification of potential sources of research funding
  • Interpretation of sponsor policies and guidelines
  • Assistance with: budget development and application submission
  • Review of proposals and contracts prior to submission
  • Assistance with achieving compliance

RAS can help with post‐award grants matters relating to expenditures and revenues, including:

  • Assistance with reviewing expenditures and preparing projections
  • Payment issues
  • Compliance with OMB regulations, sponsoring agency regulations, and SOM and university policies


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 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am funded through the NIH and my grant is entering a close-out period. What do I do now?

A: There are three primary forms used in an NIH closeout period. They are:

  • Final Status Report (FSR): These are completed by SPA's central accounting division, with assistance from your department; contact your GCO with any questions you may have. These are due to NIH 90 days from the end date of the program.
  • Final Progress Report: This report is completed by the PI and uploaded into the Closeout feature within eRA Commons. You can find the Final Progress Report form at NIH Grant Forms.
  • Final Invention Statement: This is completed by the PI within the closeout feature of eRA Commons whether or not an invention resulted from the project. Once completed, email the form to your GCO who will work with the Office of Technology Commercialization. Please include the PI and grant number within the email.


Q: How do I set up my subcontract payments, now that I have been funded?

A: SPA Contract Administration now handles all aspects of subcontract processing from establishment of subcontract to distribution of purchase order. No-Cost Extensions

Q: I have an NIH grant, how do I apply for my first no cost extension?

A: Please refer to your NIH Notice of Grant Award for any restrictions. Typically NIH allows a one-time no cost extension. To request, please complete the SPA form for the no cost extension request (found on the SPA Internal Forms page) and email the form and current Income & Expense Statement to Please provide at least two weeks prior to the end date of your program.

Q: I have an NIH grant, how do I apply for my second no cost extension?

A: Please note a second no cost extension request will require a letter written by the PI indicating the remaining funds to be utilized during the 2nd no cost extension, the budget for the 2nd no cost extension and discussion on why scientifically NIH should consider the 2nd no cost extension. This letter should be printed on the Department's letter head, signed by the PI and provided to your GCO. It will then be countersigned by the proper parties and provided to NIH for their consideration.